IUAES 2019 Inter-Congress “World Solidarities”


The IUAES 2019 Inter-Congress will create a forum to discuss, interpret and make comprehensive insights into the ways in which anthropology studies human solidarities that exist and emerge at local, regional and global levels of social life and in all corners of the world; solidarities that in our times have to be consciously stretched out to other species and ecosystems. Notions of compassion, commonality and solidarity are particularly important now, in the period when global warming and social inequalities force whole populations to migrate and cause a rise in the exclusionist ideologies. The recent wave of xenophobia and intergroup enmities cannot be simply seen in culturalist terms, but as intertwined with social relations and natural factors. Anthropologists need to broaden the notion of the collective by linking inequalities and ecology. Making them manifest will help to raise consciousness, define the problems and the emerging new meaning of a collective good, resilience, wellbeing, care and exchange. By bringing the issue to the table and by active engagement we will fulfill the political task of promoting solidarities against hostilities and mobilizing social actors in an effort to make our world a better place to live.

During the Inter-congress, scholars brought from all over the world will have a chance to exchange knowledge, experience and views, and to show the intellectual and social power of world anthropologies. Poznan, where both the discipline and the University celebrate their centennial is an excellent venue to show the intellectual force and social importance of anthropology and ethnology.

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